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TTRPG Review: Pirate Borg

Pirate Borg

About This Review Pirate Borg, written by Limithron, published and distributed by Free League Publishing, joins a full deck of Mork Borg spinoffs. In this review we’ll focus on its presentation, gameplay, and determine a recommended rating. Background Morg Borg’s success has spawned incredible remixes in Cy-Borg, Vast Grimm, Points of Light, and Duck Borg, … Read more

Mörk Borg – TTRPG Review

Mork Borg close up

As much ink has spilled in reviews about Mork Borg as you’ll find in its splattered, blood-covered pages. The indie project, born of a zine written during an overly-long apple queue, epitomizes the rules-light, attitude-heavy genre of metal RPGs. About this Review This review focuses on the original Mork Borg hardcover, published by Free League … Read more